Friday, 23 February 2007

More clothing collection stuff

A couple more clothing collection leaflets dropped through the front door at Brinkster Central this week, which are the first for a while. Let me say up front that if you have anything in your house you don't want then either give it to a registered charity or flog it on eBay and give the money to charity, don't let these people make money for themselves out of your old stuff.

The first one doesn't claim to be curing cancer or anything and just asks for stuff giving the company registration 05834199 and an email address of

Companies House shows that being registered to:
Name & Registered Office:
DA11 1QX

The company was set up last June with no stated "Nature of Business" and no accounts to date (though none due).

The next one is more up front and doesn't claim to be providing jobs and affordable clothing and just says that they want your stuff. It was from A&P COLLECTION Ltd with a company registration of 5769478 and email address of

Companies House provides the address of:

but no further details, similar to the other one.

Just to repeat what I said at the start, don't give these people your stuff!!


Nicky said...

We got a leaflet from A&P Collection Ltd today (Sunday 6th April) and I didn't think the leaflet looked particularly professional even though there is a reg. number at the bottom. Thought I'd check it out on the net and looks suspicious to me. Good job I warned my mum, she's bagged the clothes up already! Think they'll be going to a local charity shop.

Dan said...

I'm looking into these outfits, particularly Polotex and A&P Collections. If anyone gets a leaflet in the next few days or few weeks (its Tuesday 22 Jan today) can you email me on or post here. I want to know what areas they are going to be in and when just to find out what they do with the clothes. Can explain. Thanks.

Ian (N. Wales) said...

Many thanks for warnings re: Help & Support Ltd.
I received my Flyer through my letter-box 2 days ago. They propose to collect on Tuesday (22.1.08).
I'm MORE THAN READY FOR THEM!! I've decided to fill a black bin bag with my weekly household rubbish, seal it, then staple their flyer onto the bag.
I've endorsed the back of their flyer: "Checked you on the Internet and found you're operating a SCAM". Let's hope they think twice before coming to North Wales again!!

chambers said...

i would like to thank the people who left their leaflet in my post box.
i am haveing a new pathway laid from my front gate,to my front door

i fastened my gate with string to stop people from walking on the the new path as it takes time to set.they were good enough to break the string and walk on the new path, dislodging newly laid stones.its now going to cos me £300 , to have them relaid.
when i find these people,i m takeing action to retreive the money,
i dont give to charity,s
when i give, i give direct to the people concerned, wether its cash, or items.
i NEVER give to charity,s that make a good living out of the goodness of people,s harts.
give to the needy, not the money making charity,s.

Stacey said...

Received a leaflet yesterday from A&P COLLECTION Ltd in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
I just put two bags outside the door ready for collection tomorrow and decided to check the internet; for some reason I thought their leaflet didn't look right.
Thank you all for warning! I guess I better go and bring my bags back home and take it to the local charity shop.

Bex said...

Hi, I found your site after doing a Yahoo! search for A&P collection ltd, and I am not going to put my stuff out for them. I was also horrified to read about the stolen pram!

However, I think I have seen a better variation on this theme, and would welcome your opinion on whether I have been conned. Please check and tell me what you think. I heard of them via a collection bag which stated that they collected on behalf of a charity, donating 50GBP per tonne of stuff collected, so I felt that was transparent; and when I googled and found their website, they don't waste items that are worn out, as they recycle the textile.

The Brinkster said...

Hi Bex
I had a leaflet from a charity which referred me to them as well. I'm undecided as to whether making their activity transparent (shipping the stuff to Eastern Europe) makes it OK or whether their accounts would show that they're taking a large slice of the profits and giving the charity a minimal amount as a front for making huge profits. I may get a copy of their accounts from Companies House so I can make my mind up.
If I had a tonne of clothes to move I'd probably sift through it to find the decent stuff to sell for a mint on eBay (vintage, decent labels, etc) before sending the rest to Eastern Europe.
I'll post about it when I've made my mind up

Shaun said...

Thanks for the information, we received the leaflets through our door today in Morecambe Lancashire. It didn't look right so I searched the internet and found your site. I am going to do my own leaflet to warm my good neighbours.

sue said...

Left leaflet through door for collection for thursday bags still outside are you going to collect them or not!!

JULES said...


shirley said...

received today a flyer from a&p thanks tom you i will not be giving them anything .It will go to a local charity shop/

kevin said...

just received flyer from a&p this one does say providing jobs wot a scam

Julie said...

Thanks for the warning - clothes all ready and bagged up for collection tomorrow (5th Sept 07) - think I'll be sending it to a worthy cause now - hope theres time left to warn the neighbours up and down the street!

helen said...

Hi there thanks for the info on clothing collection due today. (A AND P COLLECTION LTD.

I will take it to our local oxfam shop.
Kind regards helen.

O. LAMBERT said...

I was stupid enough to leave two large bags of quality clothing out for "HELP AND SUPPORT" and as promised they picked them up, however l was out at the time and when l got back found that they had also taken my daughter's pram which was not there for collection, it wasn't in a bag (as requested) or clean or beside the other bags so basically they stole it. We have tried to contact them through the email address but it was bounced back. If you get their flyer bin it or better yet pin it up as a warning DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING!!

The Brinkster said...