Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Into outer darkness

I just had a phone call from Mrs Brinkster saying that there's a power cut in Worcester Park which is also affecting Cheam and Sutton. A neighbour who got through to the Elctricity people reported that they hope to have it fixed by 1pm......... I can't imagine that there's been an abundance of electrical Valentine's Day presents which could have brought the circuits to their knees.

It looks like Caffe Piccolo won't be open for Valentines Night so will miss out on a bumper payday. If anyone's thinking of heading to sleepy suburban Worcester Park in the hope of getting a last-minute Valentine's Day restaurant slot then they'll be sorely disappointed. If previous experience is anything to go by the restaurants and takeaways will be packed to the rafters and nigh on impossible to get near.

A very kind reader (you know who you are) has sent me some very interesting info on the rents that traders in Central Road are being asked for. Seems to me they're between the devil (landlords) and the deep blue sea (disinterested council) so I don't envy them. Said reader also has a couple of glorious photos of WP which I need to ask if I can upload somewhere, and my own recent snowy ones.

On the subject of Central Road traders the supermarket replacing Going Places has unveiled it's signage and it's the "Worcester Supermarket". Can anybody see a problem with that? Like not having the word "Park" in there? I don't imagine that the misdirected hordes of Worcester will adopt it as their corner shop but at the same time the inner nitpicker in me wants to scream "It's Worcester Park.... How hard can it be!?!?! Worcester Park!!!".

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