Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Caffe Picollo

With a flurry of activity the windows of the new Caffe Picollo have been open while they work on them and I have to say it looks really nice inside. In my mind it's could be competing with Pizza Express ("inside it's Chelsea, outside it's Worcester Park" ) for the best-looking restaurant in Worcester Park. Let's hope they've spent the same amount of time preparing the menu as they have building the thing.

Across the road from there, however, the "Worcester Park Circle of Life" has kicked in with the news that Choices Video is to close at the end of Thursday (18th Jan). They do have a sale on, which looks quite good, but didn't have anything in that I really wanted or didn't already have. Hopefully on Thursday they'll have slashed the prices even more so I can stock up on movies that I'll never get around to watching unless I'm cashing in on my critical illness cover.........

Further down Central Road the old Going Places is to become a supermarket of sorts. How they're going to compete with Waitrose, Iceland, the long-established Costcutter, the more specialist Ryan Gate "AND* the new Sainsburys Express is beyond me, but they've applied to be an off-licence, and there was a juggernaut from Poland outside the place last night unloading all sorts of shelving. Look like we shall find out what they're made of soon enough.

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