Friday, 12 January 2007

At last

The restaurant-that-is-taking-forever-to-complete now has a name, and it is [drum roll please] "Caffe Piccolo". Googling for it's pretty thankless though as there seem to be an abundance of Caffe Piccolos around. There are lights and stuff in there now but it still looks as though it's a long way from opening, although they are advertising for staff. A quick trawl through Sutton Council's planning permission site shows that the original application was put forward in May 2005......... that's how long!

The Sainsburys (aka The Old Camping Shop) is due to open next Friday (19th Jan) so we'll see what that brings to the cosmopolitan ambience of Worcester Park [ha, snort!]. I'm guessing a bunch of apparently abandoned cars at the top of Central Road under the guise of "parking" while the owners pop-in to get their lottery tickets and stuff.

For those who like whimsical observations from Surrey I can recommend a visit to the blog of PumpkinStrokeMarrow down in Epsom, a recently retired gent's musings on a suburban life filled with books, sudoku, Chelsea buns, allotments and..... deer fences! A different world, for those that are in need of one.

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