Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Turkish Delight

I was happy to see signs of life in the former Avventura/Cafe Piccolo and the signs say that the restaurant is going to be the Sheesh Mangal and the cafe part is going to be Cafe Medusa. In conversation with one of the owners he said that they're going to be traditional Turkish food competitively priced to draw in customers and if the prices aren't all you're interested in then there's the promise of belly-dancing as an added bonus.

They're hoping to be ready by end of November/beginning of December so we haven't got long to wait!


Joe Long said...

I love Turkish food. I hope they are making they're own bread. That would be good sign. ill stick my head in tomorrow and see how they are getting on

Alexander said...

I`m a huge fan of Turkish food!!!Yammy!

Joe Long said...

They are on track and the cafe part is about to open. I will try a coffee & breakfast there tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Just been there for our tea and it was YUM! Packed out by 7.30 and every dish was really tasty. Staff were very attentive despite how busy they were. We left the starters for the waitress to choose and it was all delicious!
Starters and maincourse and a bottle of wine came to £20 a head. Definitely will be going back.