Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cat fight!

As I strolled down Brinkley Road towards Central Road this morning I noticed a black and white cat stalking down the pavement in front of me and it took a moment to notice the large, furry ginger object sat on a the short brick pillar at the end of a wall (there's probably a name for that but I'm not au fait with brickwork) which wholly occupied its attention.

"Cat fight" I thought to myself with the imagery of impending flailing of claws and paws floating across my mind and the ringing of approaching caterwauling in my ears. It was only as I drew level with the ginger shape that was calmly surveying both myself and the approaching cat that a thought struck me.

"That's a bloody big nose for a cat"

It was, of course, a fox and one that was entirely happy with me stopping next to it and staring at it. It was giving me the distinct impression that I was invading its personal space, despite being sat right next to the pavement on Brinkley Road. Cheeky thing.

For those that do like cats you might have noticed the "kittenify" link at the top of the right-hand column. If you don't like the pictures on screen just click on "kittenify" and it will sort them out for you.

In other (dare I say "real") Worcester Park news the Cazbar's cleaned their pool table:
W/PK BREAKING NEWS! CAZBAR have ‘cleaned’ their pool table & its currently out of use. Punters are up in arms, some have been seen to just looking in total disbelief at the table. Others have been struck down by poolitus, where they are unable to talk about anything else apart from the CAZBAR pool table. We are currently trying to contact the owner but rumour has it he is now in an underground bunker in South Wales.


Michael said...

not quite on topic but sooo funny!

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