Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jokey japes in Brinkley Road

Spotted this at the top end of Brinkley Road on my way to the station this morning. I suspect that someone's in for an annoying surprise when they leave for work this morning.

(Apologies for the picture quality but flash and clingfilm don't seem to like each other)


The Parkerilla said...

Welcome back Brinkster, what did it say on the balloons, I cant quite make it out, Here's your birthday present maybe?


Ian Morris said...

Hi brinkster, the wrapped up car is my car. I was away on my honeymoon and my friends did it the day before I got back. We did it to one of my friends cars when he got married also. I think it's done because we don't really get a chance in today's weddings to do the traditional thing of tying cans, spraying silly string and wrapping toilet paper etc on the the wedding car. Took about 15 mins to unwrap it!

Amylena said...

Aww, that's lovely, so nice that the tradition is still observed, love it! Congratulations!

nixdminx said...

did you check to see if there was anyone asleep in it...?

The Brinkster said...

Hi Parkerilla.
Thanks! "Back" could be somewhat of an overstatement but I've not entirely disappeared. You not tempted to put up a post or two?

Hi Ian
Excellent! I remember doing similar things to friends cars in the past but not for a good few years. Congratulations on your change of marital status too!! :)

Hi nixdminx
Don't say that!! You remind me of this