Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Dark Side takes Worcester Park by storm

Times are apparently hard for the Empire and because of their costly fixation with ever larger and more powerful, yet fatally flawed, space stations it seems that the lower ranks have had to resort to public transport as part of a cost cutting exercise. Austerity sucks....

A friend of mine was walking up Brinkley Road the other day only to find that she was following an Imperial Stormtrooper up towards Central Road. I feel that I should point out that this isn't a normal occurrence in Brinkley Road, at least not for me anyway, and with her curiosity suitably piqued she saw him cross the road and head to the bus stop outside Brabham Court to wait for a bus.

He obligingly posed for some photos and was apparently on his way to Richmond where I can only presume that a rebellion needed suppressing or a new weapon of mass destruction needed constructing. As you can see in the photos he did manage to catch his bus but those who know Stormtroopers well will suspect, as I do, that he was going for an earlier one.... but missed it ;)

Presumably he was a member of the 501st who cosplay as assorted Star Wars characters at various events and do lots of work to raise money for charity and other good causes, and to find out more go here -

Photos provided and used with permission. Copyright retained by original owner.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Panic at the deli #firstworldproblems

Taking in my early morning helping of news from the Evening Standard (spot the irony) a piece with the title "Shopper injured in deli counter scrum at south London Tesco" caught my eye. "Where" I asked myself "Is this going to be? Peckham? Lambeth? Perhaps Croydon?"

Nope. New Malden.

Our northerly neighbours don't come out as badly from the article as they could have done if the Daily Mail had got hold of it but then I can just about imagine what it would have looked like if Ricky Gervais had written the script for it.Here's an extract:
A supermarket shopper has called on Tesco to take action after he injured himself while scrambling for heavily discounted items in a south London store.
Oliver Sanders, 31, said doctors told him he had torn a knee ligament when he was hurt in what he described as a manic “free-for-all” at Tesco Extra in New Malden.
On Sunday, he said he was among more than a dozen customers jostling for discounted deli meat at the hot food counter after staff brought out reduced stock shortly before closing.
Really? REALLY??
He told the Standard: “I had my hands in a box when I was pushed up against the fridge cabinet. When they put the items in the fridges that’s when everyone goes nuts.
“It happened so quickly I probably had about three or four items in my hands but I wasn’t going for anything in particular.
I'd hoped we'd seen the last of this kind of stuff with the underwhelming Black Friday at Christmas but apparently not. I've never been near the deli counter in Tesco when they've been doing this so who am I to judge but I do inwardly despair for the future of the human race when people will shove others around for the sake of some discount deli items. Whatever next? Dawn duels at Waitrose?

Monday, 11 January 2016

News round up - 11th Jan

If you've been reading the local news of late you'd be forgiven for thinking that Worcester Park is a hotbed of criminal excess.

First off was Harry Sullivan's court appearance in relation to his pre-Christmas BMW disassembly effort when he crashed in into a lamppost in Weybridge whilst nearly three times over the limit. His punishment was a two year driving ban with a 100 hours community service and £145 costs, though I doubt that the latter will genuinely cover the expense.

Alan Banks will be spending a heftier 18 months inside after admitting a post-halloween attack on a man outside a KFC in Surbiton in 2014
The attack by Banks, who was wearing a pink tutu, black tights and ballet pumps at the time, was initially said to be a homophobic attack, but this was heavily disputed by Banks and led to the homophobic element of the charge being dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Lastly there was a "crash and dash" last week in Worcester Park when a car crashed through a garden wall but the occupants scarpered before anyone could do anything about it. If you have any more information on that I'm sure the Police would be keen to hear it.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Worcester Park Christmas evening tonight!

Yes indeed! Tonight Central Road will ring to the sound of a marching band, carol singers, laughing children and quietly exasperated parents!

It should be a great chance to have some fun in Worcester Park and get some Christmas shopping done so do head down and make the most of the occasion. There's some rain forecast for this afternoon but hopefully it will have passed through by the evening, though you can always keep an eye on how it's doing here.

A special prize will be on offer to the first person who spots me in the crowd, though if you do see me that will mean that my evening will have gone pear-shaped as I'm supposed to be at a party up in London... you never know though.

On a more mundane note the event means that parking restrictions are in place on Central Road and that the side roads will be busier with traffic and the chances of parking in or around Brinkster Central will be virtually zero..

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Worcester Park Cashpoint Smashed!

On the way home from my first Christmas party of the season last night I noticed that somebody had comprehensively smashed up the cashpoint at the Lloyds bank on Central Road. As you can see from the photo the scree had been completely shoved back into the unit and the front panel was quite broken.

There was nobody around to suggest that it had been done recently though presumably it had happened sometime after the bank had closed earlier in the evening.

I called the Police to inform them of the issue and it turned out that someone else had already called it in, which pleased me immensely so kudos to whoever it was who beat me to it... community faith level restored!

If you saw what happened or know anything about the incident then I'm sure the Police would be just as interested as me to hear from you.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Head Over Heels in Traffic!

More traffic problems this morning when someone found their Vauxhall Corsa inverted by Worcester Park station, according to the Surrey Comet here, together with a dramatic picture of the vehicle in question via Twitter.

Details are scarce so anything you can provide would be interesting, though they're unlikely to be quite as interesting as any dashcam footage that might have been available had one been installed, as is often the case in places like Russia.

Drivers there commonly install.dashcams for insurance reasons and the resulting video have proliferated while continuing to amaze and horrify in equal measure. Not for the easily disturbed. Drive safely people

Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Mania Hits Worcester Park

Black Friday sign... is probably an exaggeration but the pet shop on Central road did have this sign outside advertising dog and cat beds for half price!

Ironically that's probably one of the best deals out there as trawling through Amazon's wall of tat this morning has turned up such eminently resistible offers as "Unibond Aero-360 Moisture Absorber refills - pack of 2" for £3.89 (61% off) and the "Catit Litter Tray Filters" for £3.48, either of which would make a loved one's face light up in Christmas morning... with incandescent rage most likely.

The extent to which this has taken hold in the UK is probably a marketer's dream as it was previously the preserve of the US for whom Black Friday was the day after Thanksgiving. Seeing as we don't do Thanksgiving in the UK, other than giving thanks for not having the prospect of Donald Trump being in charge of our country, we shouldn't have a Black Friday by a process of logical deduction. And quite how Black Friday has now been strung out over a whole week by some stores I have no idea!? I certainly couldn't get away with telling my boss that I was celebrating Christmas Day for a whole week and that's why I wasn't going to be in....

If you've found any astoundingly good deals in Worcester Park do let me know in the comments!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Ne'er the twain shall meet

My train buddy from across the rails was bemoaning the fact that her neighbourhood watch meeting was discussing the prospect that her little corner of Worcester Park Old Malden was going to be adopted into the London Borough of Sutton at some point in the future.

"I don't want to live in SUTTON" she fumed.
"It's not even a ROYAL borough" she raged in a slightly suppressed commuter-ish way.

She did admit that the Council Tax was likely to be less but her opinion was that if you move into a borough on purpose then it's a bit underhand for some distant committee to take that away from you if it affects things such as services and perhaps the choice of schools, a big issue for secondary schools in Worcester Park.

Some Googling led me back to a Sutton Guardian article from 2012 which said that:
"The commission has also proposed changes to the Sutton and Cheam constituency which would include St James and Old Malden wards.Local MP, Paul Burstow, said: "The new proposals add Old Malden and St James from the Kingston and Surbiton Constituency of Lib Dem MP Ed Davey.
"In practice these proposals are not going ahead but if they did they are unlikely to dramatically change the political balance in the seat."
Looking at the Boundary Commission website suggests that in 2013 the review was put back until 2018
"A new law in 2011 set the timing of reviews of all constituencies to take place at fixed five year intervals, whilst also removing the ability of the Commission to undertake interim reviews. Although the first review under these new arrangements began in early 2011, Parliament postponed that review in 2013 for five years.
So it looks like my friend may have some time to wait before anything happens but it left me wondering whether Sutton is really so bad and whether being in a Royal borough is as good as it's made out to be.

Any opinions gratefully accepted, even if they're indignant and outraged ones.

P.S. Blogger is telling me this is my 500th post! Yay! Go me! There may, or may not, be cake, dancing girls and Justin Bieber...